This site has been designed to show you how to reduce unnecessary costs when arranging a funeral, cremation, or memorial service, so more money is left over for surviving family members.  More than 30,000 families have used our resources over the last ten years to make more affordable end-of-life arrangements, and I think this site can help you, too.  Here’s what you’ll find on this site:

Funeral Planning Help

This page includes practical articles that provide accurate, objective guidance on all aspects of funeral and cremation planning. Articles are categorized for easy reference:

  • Funeral Planning Guidance – articles explaining each step involved in planning a funeral or cremation service
  • Tips to Lower Funeral Costs – articles that provide specific money-saving tips for lowering the cost of funeral and cremation goods and services
  • Funeral and Cremation FAQs – articles that answer the most frequest funeral and cremation questions we get here at Funeral-Tips.com

Funeral Saver’s Kit

This page shares information about the Funeral Saver’s Kit. This kit organizes our funeral resources into a step-by-step guide for saving money when making funeral, memorial, or cremation arrangements.  It shows you exactly what to do and say at the funeral home to avoid overpaying.  It’s especially good for people that need to make low-cost funeral decisions quickly.  Many families are able to cut their funeral expenses in half simply by reviewing the kit materials prior to talking with the funeral director. 

About Us

This page provides background information about the Funeral-Tips.com website.  It also tells you about me, Mike Testa.

Contact Us

This page gives you a quick and easy way to get in touch with us.  You can use this form to ask questions about funeral planning or get objective advice about your particular situation. 

One good thing to know about us…

Unlike most funeral-related websites, you won’t find any advertisements on our site.  We strive to provide objective, accurate advice that helps families save money when planning funeral or cremation services.  We don’t accept ads because we don’t want to be influenced by funeral homes trying to “buy” our recommendation.  Unfortunately, most other funeral-related websites make money by steering families to funeral homes that pay the largest referral fee.  This almost always results in the family having to pay a lot more for the services they receive, and we don’t do that!